Monday, March 21, 2016

Annual Budget - Plan /Track

I have been thinking of systematic ways to plan my budget and track the actual budget against plan.
w.r.t this, I have created the below sheets.

One can download this and maintain his/her budget locally.

This is readonly. Please create your copy of the same and you can track your expenses in that sheet.

Some features of these sheets:
1. Allows to systematically plan your income and expenses and track it against the actual numbers.
2. The plan setup for Apr, will be automatically copied for upcoming months and you can override the plan anytime. The changes made to the plan for any month, will reflect in upcoming months too.
ex: if you change the plan in July, upcoming months i.e Aug, sep etc will automatically consider this updated plan.
3. This sheet can be used to track personal budget as well as budget of a simple company.
4. This can also be used to plan and manage any event budgets ex: marriage budget :)

These sheets are  designed for Indian fiscal year, and It is recommended to use the same period.  FYI - new fiscal year, is round the corner :)


  1. Wonderful, plan even resource usage like water, electricity, mobile data, mobile calls and plan better to cut un wanted money wastage with these tools and rather utilize money for best reasons.
    thanks for write up

  2. Great tracker khanij, thank you

  3. good one Khanij , It keeps track of most of the expenses.